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VRF KXZ Solutions

The KX VRF system from MHIAE offers simple and flexible high cooling/heating performance for commercial and industrial applications.

KXZ system is the best solution to Air-condition “Sophisticated” buildings delivers high cooling/heating performance for all commercial applications.
“Micro KXZ series” is ideal for small offices, shops and residential applications and offers industry leading compact design, energy efficiency, and high reliability from our high technology.

Our heat pump systems operate with 2 inter-connecting pipes (commonly referred to as a ‘2-pipe system’), and provide either a heating or cooling operation to all indoor units. These systems are suitable for a wide range of applications from an individual apartment to an entire multi storey building.

Our heat recovery systems operate with 3 inter-connecting pipes (commonly referred to as a ‘3-pipe system’), and provide both heating and cooling operations to individual indoor units according to the room condition/requirement. These solutions incorporates highly sophisticated control to condition multiple indoor areas, for applications where the building orientation creates heat gain/loss on each side of the building.

Best solution to Air-conditioning “Sophisticated” buildings

The KXZ product lineup has been extended to offer solutions delivering up to 60 horsepower (60HP) when using a combination of 3 outdoor units. Furthermore with the addition of the Hi-COP series, installation options have been greatly increased.

High Efficiency & Comfort

  • High energy efficiency with advanced technology
  • Energy saving control by VTCC (Variable Temperature & Capacity Control)
  • Individual, centralized and customized comfort control

Design Flexibility

  • Long piping length and wide limitation of piping
  • Various indoor units to each application
  • Easy selection and design software

Easy & Customized Control

  • Individual advanced control by wired and wireless remote controller
  • Various options for BMS & Centralized controller

Good Serviceability

  • Easy access for maintenance
  • Engineering and monitoring tool available

VRF System Components

Explore the full range of KXZ heat pump units, heat recovery units and indoor units. Our  selection of indoor units provides options for many kinds of rooms and set-ups, as well as a wide range of capacities.

VRF Outdoor Units VRF Indoor Units

Case Studies

Specific cases of VRF system installation from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems

Hotel and Leisure

VRF heat recovery systems from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems KX range are part of the exacting specification for luxury hotels and airport-style bus station. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems VRF systems feature advanced inverter technology which adjusts compressor output to match the cooling or heating demands of the indoor units to save energy and eliminate temperature fluctuations. Simultaneous heating or cooling can be provided in different areas as required, with heat gain in sunnier, south facing rooms providing useful energy for rooms on the cooler, shadier side of the buildings.


A VRF system with inverter control from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems is helping to make Crossways Academy in Lewisham a cool place to learn for 500 students. Comfortable temperatures need to be maintained as economically as possible in rooms where large numbers of students will enter or leave at the same time. IT equipment being switched on and off and the use of electric blinds to control glare will all contribute to substantial fluctuations in heat load. A VRF KX system from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems provides an ideal solution. Much of the building was designed to rely on natural ventilation, with windows operated electronically. The air conditioning system is linked to this control system to close down when windows are opened. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems KX is particularly appropriate for many such retrofit applications.

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