Complete Modern System for Heating and Cooling


Our domestic air-to-water heat pump range offers a complete modern system for heating, cooling and producing hot sanitary water for houses.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems utilises its high technology in a variety of areas and provides comprehensive solutions for realisation of a low-carbon society.

Thanks to the integration of a hot water heater, immersion heater, circulating pump and climate system within the indoor unit, the Hydrolution range is one of the safest, most economical and environmentally friendly options available today.

Air to Water heat pump is one of our products supported by our unrivalled technology to realise utmost energy savings, safety and assurance.

  • Heating
  • Hot Sanitary
  • Cooling

Why a MHI Heat Pump?

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems air to water heat pump is a complete modern system for heating, cooling and producing hot sanitary water for houses, offering effective energy saving and reducing carbon dioxide emission.

  • Our recognised contribution to global environment.
    Our contributions to a low-carbon society encompass the entire product life cycle from efficient production, effective use of energy, effectual utilization of inexhaustible clean energy and recycling. This is a part of our accomplishments through unique technological features.
  • Our assured integration of high 3 technology is the mainstay of low carbon society.
    We have assured integration of high technology in a variety of areas including new clear power generation, transportation system, desalination plant, and wind turbine generator. Our product portfolio covering entire social infrastructure is supported by our proven high technology. We integrate proprietary technologies which have already demonstrated its significant capabilities in their own fields to augment its effects in our total solutions. Our air to water heat pump is an innovative system developed by such integration of high technology.
  • Heat pump technology for low-carbon society.
    Air to water heat pump is a revolutionary energy recycling system which reduces environmental load by reusing heat energy produced in daily life. This first-rate energy saving system has been developed by our exceptional technology.
  • Saving running costs with use of heat pump technology.
    Typically less than 1kW of output heat energy can be produced by conventional oil or gas boilers. Heat pump technology is capable of producing up to 5.32kW of heat energy from 1kW of energy input making the system 5.32 times more efficient than traditional means.

Benefits of Hydrolution

Our heat pump is a complete modern system for heating and cooling room air and producing sanitary hot water. It absorbs ‘free’ heat from outdoor air and amplifies it to generate ideal temperatures and hot water swiftly and efficiently.

Optimum annual operation costs thanks to the inverter driven compressor. The speed of the compressor is controlled according to the demand resulting in the industries highest COP level of 4.09~5.32* in heating operation and is in accordance with Lot 1 energy class.
The compressor is designed to be efficient even at low ambient temperature (down to -20°C) in order to be able to withstand the toughest winter climates.
The compact size has been achieved by integrating the hot water tank for sanitary water use together with the water heat exchanger within the indoor units (HMK60 and HMK100 only). Electrical and piping work is simpler due to the integrated design.
Maximum temperature flow line is 65°C with the use of an auxiliary electric heater used for hot water back-up and to cope with irregular and excessive hot water demand. Heat pump can keep producing the temperature of 58°C hot water without an auxiliary electric heater. This can still be produced even with the ambient temperature between -20-43°C.


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems air to water heat pump is a complete modern system for heating, cooling and producing hot sanitary water for houses, offering effective energy saving.

Indoor Unit (HMA)

  • Flexible all in one indoor module for heating and hot water
  • For upgrading existing heating systems or new builds with requirements for high hot water performance.
  • Equipped with a capacity of 180 litres of heated domestic water heater
  • The expansion vessel (10L) is integrated
  • The unit already comes with a built in condenser as well two diverting valves (one of heating and cooling, the other for heating and hot water)
  • Integrated electrical heater for backup

Outdoor Unit

  • MHI high quality outdoor unit
  • Very energy efficient with a wide operation range
  • Latest inverter & DC twin rotary compressor technology
  • Proven long term reliability and endurance
  • Compact design for easy installation FDC60VNX-A includes latest centralized winding motor within compressor allowing high seasonal efficiency
  • Built in drain pan heater to improve defrost
  • Applied blue coated fin for heat exchanger to prevent corrosion.

Advanced Controllers RC-HY20, RC-HY40

Easy Operation: This advanced user friendly controller has the large multicolor display, It shows information about the status of the units,

RC-HY20: Base version without extension module. RC-HY40: Advanced version with extension module. Room sensor and current sensor with cascade heat pump control function

Monitor and Control: The controller is compatible with myUpway, which is the internet function giving you a quick over view and the present status of the installed units in order to monitor and manage both the outdoor and the indoor

If the system is affected users will receive an email notification.

Tank Unit

  • Storage tank with coil designed to store hot sanitary water.
  • Temperature indicator allows user to read and control water temperature in the tank
  • Large heating surface of the coil provides high hot utility water efficiency
  • Manages water pressure up to 10 bar

Split Unit

  • Split Box Built in condenser
  • Easy installation by use of wall bracket
  • Good for flexible applications

System Combinations

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems extensive product range offers the right heat pump to suit every demand. Our product is a suitable comprehensive solution for existing buildings and houses as well as new builds.


ALL-IN-ONE COMBINATION provides the comprehensive solution for all your heating, cooling and domestic hot water needs.

Each ALL-IN-ONE COMBINATION is the set of an outdoor and HMK system, which is an all-inclusive indoor unit integrating hot water heater, immersion heater, circulating pump and climate system within one unit.

  • Heating, Cooling and Hot water
  • Easy installation and operation
    Single neatly packaged all-in-one indoor unit and a well designed outdoor make the installation as smooth and straightforward as possible.
  • Ideal for residential use from apartments to small houses

(HSB system)

FLEXIBLE COMBINATION offers the space heating and cooling with the option to add sanitary hot water system.

FLEXIBLE COMBINATION consists of an outdoor unit and HSB system (Split box).
By combining the separate accessories, FLEXIBLE COMBINATION makes you installation even more complete for your needs, building and climate.

  • Heating and cooling only option
    Mitsubishi Heavy industries Thermal Systems air to water heat pump captures fresh air to heat or cool the property to ensure maximum comfort throughout the year. Heating and cooling only option is available by additionally connecting any FLEXIBLE COMBINATION with a charging pump and an immersion heater.
  • Hot water option
    Hot water system option can be available by additionally connecting any FLEXIBLE COMBINATION with a charging pump,
    an immersion heater, a tank and
    shuttle valve.
  • Flexible installation of units
    You can combine the variety of accessories to suit your demand.
  • Available from 6kW to 14kW