Remote Access Controllers

Remote Access Controllers

In addition to our local access controllers also offer remote access controllers and BMS interface units for more complex configurations.

SC-WBGW256 (Web gateway+BACnet gateway)

SC-WBGW256 control and monitoring of up to 256 cells (some cells can have two or more indoor units and total number of indoor units can be up to 256 units) centralised to a network PC using the Superlink- web gateway. Simple installation is assured with no special software requirements, operation is via Internet Explorer. A low power embedded CPU and compact flash ROM ensure a large storage capacity with high reliability (no moving parts such as a PC fan, etc). An IP address filter function combined with three-level user authentication check also ensures security.

Also, SC-WBGW256 can be used as interface devices that convert Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Superlink- communication data to BACnet code and are controlled centrally from a building management system.

SC-LGWNB (LonWorks gateway)

SC-LGWNB is an interface device that converts Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Superlink-communication data to LonWorks code. Control and monitoring functions of the a/c system for up to 96 indoor units can be integrated to a central control point via the building management system network.


Interface device that allows supervision and control for up to 128 indoor units, with independent management of communications.

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