PFD & Branch Pipes

PFD refrigerant flow branch control

PFD refrigerant flow branch control allows you to remotely control your KXZ system in groups or individual units.

Design Flexibility

Groups of indoor units can be connected up to a total capacity 44.8kW to a single PFD with branch piping and all units in that group will operate in the same mode only (cooling or heating). We also have introduced the 4-way PFD control PFD1124X4-E which can connect up to four indoor units with individual control – simultaneous cooling or heating.

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Branch controlTotal downstream indoor unit capacity
PFD1124-Eless than 11.2kW
PFD1804-Eless than 18.0kW
PFD2804-E28.0kW or less
PFD1124X4-Eless than 44.8kW(less than 11.2kWx4 branches)
  • The remote control setting (as individual indoor unit on-off, temperature setting other than cooling/heating mode control) is possible with one remote control connected to each indoor unit, while at the same time, Center Control (SC-SL1N/2NA/4-AE) can be used together with the individual remote control.
  • In case of the mode changeover from cooling to heating and from cooling to heating, by the use of only the indoor units and PFD box combination, the mode changeover sound was reduced. All this made possible without turning off the compressor and at the same time without the reduction of capacity.
  • The risk of refrigerant leakage was reduced by changing piping connection at the PFD box to brazing method.
  • By the use of optional PFD box extension cable that has a connector at ends, makes it possible to further separate the indoor unit and PFD box. This will enable the PFD box to be located away from the indoor unit and help reduce the influence of sound caused by PFD box and refrigerant flow.

Easy installation

New PFD design means the connection of the indoor unit liquid pipe is made directly to the liquid line – bypassing the PFD. This means (x2) less pipe connections per indoor unit, reducing installation time and cost.

The PFD is connected to the indoor unit by 3 core signal wire via a relay kit (supplied) to be located within 2m of each other. The indoor unit however can be up to 40m away. Power to the PFD can be connected from the indoor unit or other supply.

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