04July 2022


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning Europe (MHIAE) has announced that, in order to meet demand, its high performance ZSX series and ZS series residential room air conditioners will now include wireless LAN connectivity as standard.

By offering an extensive product line-up, and wireless LAN connectivity as standard, MHIAE aims to provide consumers in the residential air conditioning market with greater control in managing their energy usage and energy costs. Previously only available as an optional extra, wireless LAN connectivity means users can control and monitor their units from a smartphone or tablet by downloading the dedicated Smart M-Air app. The app also offers other convenient features such as allowing users to check their electricity consumption and the power consumption display for improved energy management. In addition, notifications can be set to inform users if they leave the house without turning off their air conditioner, for example, which can all be managed via the app.

The new ZSX series and ZS series, manufactured by MHI Japan, currently include wireless interface control features which meet outstanding energy efficiency, receiving Europe’s highest seasonal energy rating (A+++). The design of the exterior units have been designed by Italian company, Tensa, based in Milan, Italy and the overall design and functionality of the units have been well received in the European market.

The ZSX series is equipped with motion sensors that detect human movement and adjust the room temperature automatically. When the system determines that no one is present in the room for a fixed time, it will automatically cease operating to save energy. This will prevent the room from becoming too hot or cold and will retain the temperature of the room accordingly. Both the ZSX and ZS units include an operating mode that traps pollutants in a special Allergen Clear Filter that suppresses them with enzymes and urea, as well as a High-Power Operation with a powerful large-capacity airflow and an Eco Operation mode for energy-efficient operation.

In a bid to further enhance the brand image and expand market share, MHIAE has also announced that it is planning to add wireless connectivity to to its ZR series of residential air conditioners for the European market and will begin mass production of this newly enhanced range soon after.
Going forward, the company says it is committed to offering optimal thermal solutions built on technology and product development focused on the individual consumer to offer flexibility and to constantly keep pace with demand in overseas markets. For more information, please visit https://mhiae.com

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