VRF Indoor Unit


Hydro Module Unit VRF Indoor Unit

Nominal cooling capacity of 28kW

Max. cooling capacitykW28
Max. heating capacitykW28
Power consumptionCoolingkW0.316
Outdoor TemperatureCoolingkW15-46
HeatingkW-20-32(Mixed Use*1 : -20-20)
Sound pressure level Cooling *4db(A)32
Sound pressure level Heating *5db(A)30
Sound power level Cooling *4, 6dB(A)48
Sound power level Heating *5, 6dB(A)49
Inlet water temperatureCooling°C12-30(Mixed Use*1 : 19-24)
Heating *2°C20-50(Mixed Use*1 : 20-35)
Heating *3°C25-50(Mixed Use*1 : 25-35)
Outlet water temperatureCooling°C7-25(Mixed Use*1 : 14-19)
Heating *2°C25-55(Mixed Use*1 : 25-40)
Heating *3°C30-55(Mixed Use*1 : 30-40)
Water Flowl/min24 - 80
Weight (without water)kg48
Minimum amount of water in the water circuitkg230
Minimum Amount of Water in Circuitliter230
Exterior dimensions unitH x W x Dmm860(110*7 ) x 550 x 400
Refrigerant piping size (liquid/ gas)mm(in)Φ9.52 / Φ19.05
*1 Mixed use means HMU and air to air indoor unit mixed operation.
*2 In case outdoor temperature more than 0°C.(0°C < Outdoor temperature)
*3 In case outdoor tempearature is 0°C or less.(Outdoor temperature 0°C)
*4 Sound test condition for cooling: Cooling condition 1.
*5 Sound test condition for heating: Heating condition 3.
*6 MIC position: 1m from the center of the HMU.
*7 Outside piping length.

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