VRF Indoor Unit


Low Static Pressure Duct Connected VRF Indoor Unit

Nominal cooling capacity of 3.6kW

Nominal cooling capacitykW3.6
Nominal heating capacitykW4.0
Power source1 Phase 220-240V, 50Hz
Power consumptionCoolingkW67-70
Sound power levelCoolingdB(A)54
Sound pressure level Cooling *1db(A)Hi:30 Me:28 Lo:24
Sound pressure level Heating *1db(A)Hi:31 Me:29 Lo:25
Sound pressure level Cooling *2db(A)Hi:37 Me:34 Lo:28
Sound pressure level Heating *2db(A)Hi:37 Me:34 Lo:28
Exterior dimensions unitH x W x Dmm200x750x500
Net weightkg22
Air flow cooling (Standard)m3/minHi:8.5 Me:7 Lo:5.5
External static pressurePaStandard:10, Max:35
Outside air intakePossible
Air filter (option)UT-FL1EF
Remote control (option)wired:RC-EX3D, RC-E5, RCH-E3 wireless:RCN-KIT4-E2
Refrigerant piping size (liquid/ gas)mm(in)Liquid line:ø6.35(1/4") Gas line:ø12.7(1/2")
1. The data are measured under the following conditions(ISO-T1). Cooling: Indoor temp. of 27ºCDB, 19ºCWB, and outdoor temp. of 35ºCDB. Heating: Indoor temp. of 20ºCDB, and outdoor temp. of 7ºCDB, 6ºCWB.
2. The data of nominal cooling and heating capacity and sound pressure level are measured with 10Pa of external static pressure.
3. The sound level indicates the value of rear-intake type with duct in anechoic chamber. During operation these values are somewhat higher due to ambient conditions.
4. Sound Pressure Level shows the value when the supply duct of 2m and the return duct of 1m (except the Bottom air return) are connected the unit.
Sound pressure level *1:Mike position is 1.5m below the unit, *2:Mike position is 1m in front and 1m below od the air supply duct.

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