VRF Outdoor Unit


Refresh Series Heat Pump VRF Outdoor Unit

Nominal cooling capacity of 22.4kW

Nominal horse power 8HP
Power source 3 Phase 380-415V, 50Hz
Starting current A 5
Max Current A 20
Nominal capacity Cooling kW 22.4
Heating 25.0
Electrical characteristics
Power Consumption
Cooling kW 5.60
Heating 6.03
Exterior dimensions HxWxD mm 1675x1080x480
Sound pressure level Cooling/Heating dB(A) 58/58
Net Weight kg 224
Refrigerant Type / GWP R410A / 2088
Refrigerant Charge kg/TCO2Eq 11.5 / 24.012
Refrigerant piping size Liquid line mm(in) ø9.52(3/8")~ø15.88(5/8")
Refrigerant piping size Gas line mm(in) ø19.05(3/4")~ø25.4(1")
Capacity connection % 50~130
Number of connectable indoor units 13
SEER / SCOP (Outdoor unit) 6.55 / 4.55
The data are measured under the following conditions(ISO-T1).
Sound pressure level indicates the value in an anechoic chamber. During operation these values are somewhat higher due to ambient conditions.
[ ] : Pipe sizes applicable to European installations are shown in parentheses.