VRF Outdoor Unit


Heat Recovery VRF Outdoor Unit

Nominal cooling capacity of 73.5kW

Combination (FDC) 335KXZRE1 + 400KXZRE1
Nominal horse power 26HP
Power source 3 Phase 380-415V, 50Hz
Starting current A 10
Max Current A 51.2
Nominal capacity Cooling kW 73.5
Heating 73.5
Electrical characteristics
Power Consumption
Cooling kW 21.2
Heating 17.9
Exterior dimensions HxWxD mm 2048x2700x720
Net Weight kg 546
Refrigerant charge R410A kg 11.5x2
Refrigerant piping size Liquid line mm(in) ø15.88(5/8”)
Refrigerant piping size Suction Gas line mm(in) ø31.75(1 1/4”)[ø34.92(1 3/8”)]
Refrigerant piping size Discharge Gas line mm(in) ø25.4(1”)[ø28.58(1 1/8”)]
Capacity connection % 50~160
Number of connectable indoor units 78
The data are measured under the following conditions(ISO-T1).
Sound pressure level indicates the value in an anechoic chamber. During operation these values are somewhat higher due to ambient conditions.
[ ] : Pipe sizes applicable to European installations are shown in parentheses.