24.0(6.9~28.0) Ceiling Suspended Multi Split PAC


Ceiling Suspended : 24.0(6.9~28.0)

Indoor Unit - FDE125VH x 2 / Outdoor Unit - FDC250VSA
Nominal cooling capacity of 25.0kW

  • FDE125VH x 2
  • FDE125VH x 2

    Indoor Unit : FDE125VH x 2


    Outdoor Unit : FDC250VSA

  • FDC250VSA
Indoor unitFDE125VH x 2
Outdoor unitFDC250VSA
Power source3 Phase 380-415V, 50Hz / 380V, 60Hz
Nominal cooling capacity (Min-Max)kW24.0(6.9~28.0)
Nominal heating capacity (Min-Max)kW27.0(5.5~31.5)
Power ConsumptionCooling/HeatingkW8.52 / 7.54
EER/COPCooling/HeatingkW2.82 / 3.58
Inrush currentA5
Max. currentA21
Sound power level*1Indoor*3Cooling/HeatingdB(A)64 / 64
OutdoorCooling/Heating73 / 75
Sound pressure
Indoor*3Cooling (P-Hi/Hi/Me/Lo)48 / 45 / 40 / 35
Heating (P-Hi/Hi/Me/Lo)48 / 45 / 40 / 35
OutdoorCooling/Heating59 / 62
Air flowIndoor*3Cooling (P-Hi/Hi/Me/Lo)m3/min32 / 29 / 23 / 17
Heating (P-Hi/Hi/Me/Lo)32 / 29 / 23 / 17
OutdoorCooling/Heating143 / 151
IndoorHeightxWidthxDepthmm250 x 1,620 x 690
Outdoormm1,505 x 970 x 370
Net weightIndoor/Outdoorkg43 / 143
Refrigerant Type GWPR410A/2088
Ref.piping sizeLiquid/Gasømm12.7(1/2") / 22.22(7/8")
Refrigerant line (one way) lengthmMax.70
Vertical height differencesOutdoor is higher/lowermMax.30 / Max.15
Outdoor operating temperature rangeCooling*2°C-15~50
Air filter, Q'tyPocket plastic net x 2(Washable)
Remote control (option)wired:RC-EX3A, RC-E5, RCH-E3 wireless:RCN-E-E3
The data is measured under the following conditions (R32 : ISO-T1, -H1 /, R410A : ISO-T1).
Cooling: Indoor temp. of 27°CDB, 19°CWB, and outdoor temp. of 35°CDB. Heating: Indoor temp. of 20°CDB, and outdoor temp. of 7°CDB, 6°CWB.
  1. : Indicates the value in an anechoic chamber. During operation these values are somewhat higher due to ambient conditions
  2. : If a cooling operation is conducted when the outdoor air temperature is —5°C or lower, the outdoor unit should be installed at a place where it is not influenced by natural wind, if wind blows, the low pressure will drop and compressor frequency will increase, this will cause the capacity to drop and may cause the unit to break down
  3. : The values are for one indoor unit operation. (Multi system only)

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