R22 Ban

R22 Ban

MHIAE offers the simplest and most cost-effective route to bring your system in line with the new R22 refrigerant legislation.

R22 is a hydroflourocarbon (HCFC) and a member of a class of compounds which have been linked to ozone depletion in the earth’s upper atmosphere. As a result, recent legislation has banned the introduction and supply of new air conditioning equipment operating on R22 since 2003, in favour of non-ozone-depleting alternatives such as R410a and R407c.

On 1 January 2010, a ban on all production of the refrigerant came into effect, allowing only reclaimed or recycled R22 refrigerant to be used in air conditioning systems. The regulations also prevented the storage of virgin R22 for use after this deadline, requiring any R22 left unused at the end of 2009 to be returned for destruction at the owner’s expense.

Previously, R22 refrigerant was widely used in new air conditioning and industrial refrigerant plants, and these changes in legislation have affected any company with a large-scale requirement for R22 refrigeration – over 65% of the UK’s systems are still believed to be running on R22. Demand for the refrigerant has increased due to the on-going phase out, and prices are expected to rise dramatically.

As of 31 December 2014, R22 refrigerant in air conditioning equipment will be completely banned – including reclaimed or recycled R22. Please view our dedicated R22 site to find out more about how MHIAE can help bring your system in line with the legislation.

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