29May 2024

Navigating the Path to Net Zero: Transforming the Heating and Cooling Industry

The heating and cooling sector is widely accepted as being one of the greatest challenges for meeting Net Zero by 2050. Decarbonising heating and cooling demands an unprecedented step change in our approach. After decades of reliance on fossil fuels, implementing solutions that use renewable energy requires both a significant investment in infrastructure and behavioural change among end-users, installers, specifiers, and construction firms alike. In the UK, heating and cooling buildings are the second largest source of greenhouse gas emissions, after surface transport, so it’s no surprise that the sector is a key target for regulatory changes supporting sustainable approaches, like heat pumps and district heating. MHIAE is at the forefront of developing tailored products to meet the evolving demands of this changing landscape, ensuring a comfortable and energy-efficient indoor climate while aligning with global sustainability goals.

The vast majority of Europe’s residential and commercial buildings are currently heated by traditional gas boilers and it is clear that to meet Net Zero by 2050, we can no longer use gas for heat. Heating water using energy efficient, lower emission technologies is also a key part of the discussion, with gas boilers commonly being used for this purpose, even in commercial, heavy use environments like hotels, hospitals and gyms. The approach to cooling buildings has an additional barrier to overcome, with reducing refrigerants with a high Global Warming Potential (GWP) firmly on the regulatory radar, alongside the overall need for energy efficiency.

A high efficiency heat pump can be a great solution to cutting energy use and costs, reducing emissions and being inherently more durable than gas boilers, commercial heat pumps tick a lot of boxes for building owners and managers. Heating large volumes of hot water sustainably poses a significant challenge for commercial and public sector buildings. To address this need, MHIAE has expanded its range of air-to-water (A2W) heat pumps with the introduction of two new units:

Hydrolution EZY
MHIAE’s Hydrolution EZY is a range of A2W heat pumps, designed to deliver heating, cooling, and hot water for residential properties. Hydrolution EZY is available in two models,10kW and 14kW, providing a low-carbon, easy-to-install alternative to conventional fossil fuel boilers. This new range is ready for all climates as it can deliver 60°C on a wide ambient range (-25°C to 43°C) without the need of any backup heating providing optimum comfort while keeping high efficiencies. Additionally, due to their advanced control, operation can be optimised by integrating the system with smart grids, solar panels (PV) and be controlled and monitored remotely by the end user using its own remote monitoring system – myUplink.

To simplify installation the new series is monobloc featuring an integrated water heat exchanger in the outdoor unit, eliminating the need for refrigerant piping. The Hydrolution EZY series integrates cutting-edge technologies such as anti-vibration technology, which reduces sound power levels effectively, including noise to 60dB (A) in the 10kW class model, even when running at full capacity.

Hydrolution PRO
While the Hydrolution PRO is a range of air-cooled heat pump chillers designed for the European market. Available in three models with capacities of 50kW/75kW/100kW classes making it ideal for space cooling/heating a broad range of applications from residential to office buildings and from industrial to IT settings. The new range’s compressor design features an advanced e-3D scroll, which compresses both vertically and horizontally and thereby enhances efficiency during low loads. Changing the shape of the scroll, to a more compact structure, has significantly increased the efficiency of the compressor and the seasonal ratios of the equipment.

Like many other MHIAE products, both Hydrolution EZY and Hydrolution PRO run on the R32 refrigerant to significantly boost efficiency and reduce carbon emissions when compared to boilers.

Selecting products that not only minimise greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption but also ensure a comfortable indoor climate is paramount for any project. MHIAE understands this critical need, and our network of distributors boasts experienced technical teams equipped to offer comprehensive system design support. Additionally, qualified field engineers are on hand to provide ongoing technical assistance, ensuring seamless project implementation and continued operational excellence. Decarbonising heating and cooling is critical to meeting Net Zero targets – and the time for action is now. For more information on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioning Europe’s cooling and heating solutions, visit: https://mhiae.com/

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