12March 2024

MHIAE’s new “Hydrolution PRO” air-cooled heat pump chillers boast one of the industry’s highest efficiency ratings

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning Europe (MHIAE) added a range of air-cooled heat pump chillers for the European market with the launch of Hydrolution PRO. Featuring a newly developed e- 3D scroll compressor and in combination with other proprietary technologies, this new line-up delivers outstanding energy efficiency, boasting a seasonal coefficient of performance (SCOP) rating of 4.59. Hydrolution PRO is available in three models with capacities of 50kW/75kW/100kW classes making it ideal for air cooling/heating a broad range of applications from residential to office buildings and from industrial to IT settings.

MHIAE’s outstanding engineering has successfully ensured the new line-up offers top-tier energy efficiency; the combination of its impressive SCOP rating and the minimum use of refrigerant delivers efficient heating/cooling with a low impact on the environment. Like many other MHIAE products, Hydrolution PRO runs on the R32 refrigerant (675 GWP), compared to the earlier R410A (2090 GWP), dramatically reducing GWP by approximately one-third, combined with a 43% reduction in refrigerant charge volume.

Hydrolution PRO’s compressor design features an advanced e-3D scroll, which compresses both vertically and horizontally and thereby enhances efficiency during low loads. Changing the shape of the scroll, to a more compact structure, has significantly increased efficiency of the compressor. In addition, a user-friendly remote controller enables effortless setting and adjustment, allowing up to 20 units to be managed with a single controller. To meet varying seasonal demands the controller also enables adjustment of several units in both cooling and heating. This cooling & heating mixed control can be set with a calendar function which is integrated with the remote controller, enabling the user to easily create bespoke and optimized operation.

MHIAE continues to pursue leveraging its technologies and products that contribute to further energy savings and enhanced environmental performance. With its comprehensive technological capabilities derived from synergies enabled by the company’s broad operations in fields related to heating and cooling, MHIAE strives for the optimal thermal solutions that contribute to achieving carbon neutrality. https://mhiae.com/

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