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Embracing Yatai in our manufacturing process

Understanding our agile and flexible manufacturing



Our factory in Thailand, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries – Mahajak Air Conditioning (MACO), is pivotal to the creation of our high quality and innovative air-conditioning products. MACO is internationally known as state-of-art testing facility revolutionising the air conditioning industry.

If you have ever visited Japan, then you will understand the popularity of food stalls or otherwise known as ‘Yatai’ in Japanese. However, on immediate reflection, you might not know of the association between Yatai and manufacturing. Nevertheless, our factory in Thailand, MACO, uses the Yatai concept to create an agile manufacturing process.

Running a Yatai is notoriously hard to work as it commonly involves one chef cooking food from the beginning to the end. These mobile factory stations normally form part of a Yatai village, or otherwise known as a “Yatai Mura”.

Similarly, The MACO factory uses this concept to create a  Yatai system for flexible manufactory workstations. This approach provides workers with the training and equipment to complete the entire process of the production system independently. Reflecting an independent Yatai chef who serves customers on demand.

By embracing such a flexible workstation approach, our Thai factory can react quicker to today’s fast-changing global marketplace. While also benefiting from an agile approach that helps us quickly fulfil customer orders, and increase our overall flexibility.  All while adapting to high demand, customised orders, and simultaneous manufacturing.

Watch this short video to discover the vital manufacturing flexibility that comes through embracing Yatai.

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