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SAF: Fresh air ventilation and heat exchange

Fresh air, all year round.

Achieve balanced ventilation with our SAF unit. 

Our SAF units replace stale air from the atmosphere with fresh ventilation. Simultaneously, recovering 77% of outgoing heat to achieve optimal indoor temperatures without the expense of energy efficiency.

The unit also uses heat-exchange ventilation, and simple ventilation, in commercial buildings. For instance, when a room changes temperature, the unit captures exhaust energy from the atmosphere and works to recover it by heat-exchange ventilation. This process allows for a balanced and fresh environment all year round.

Representation of how the SAF unit operates to provide fresh ventilation.

Representation of how the SAF unit operates to provide fresh ventilation.

For countries that experience varied climates throughout the year; During colder months, the SAF unit will use the exhaust energy to warm the room. While in warmer months, the unit will transfer exhaust air to supply cooled air. In humid environments, the SAF unit will also balance the moisture levels to provide a comfortable setting.

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Highly energy efficient

The SAF unit is just one way Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group aims to provide sustainable energy solutions to create a carbon-neutral future. Boasting high-energy savings, the unit drama­­tically reduces energy consumption by capturing waste energy through heat exchange ventilation. Leading to long-term energy consumption savings and reduced carbon emissions in commercial buildings.

Tetsuji Fujino, Technical General Manager at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioning Europe, Ltd. comments, “Regulations such as the Energy Performance of Building ­­­­Directive (EPBD) set by the European Union, have limited the use of electrical and gas power in commercial buildings.

Fujino continues: “Buildings need to minimise energy losses with sustainable heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning choices. The SAF unit is a sound system for energy-efficient buildings.”

Other key features and benefits include:

  • Facility size reduction – The unit’s versatility allows for easy connections to air conditioning units without the need for additional elements.
  • Sound insulation – Low noise operation with capabilities below 500m3/h running at noise levels 32dB (high setting). Specifically designed to insulate sound, the unit structure blocks of unit’s noise and sound levels.
  • Easy installation – A compact body shape with less thickness than previous models. As well as high static pressure for easier installation.

Available in different sizes and models.

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