10October 2022


To support ongoing efforts to reduce packaging waste Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning Europe (MHIAE) is working towards compliance with the household packaging sorting rules recently introduced in France. In accordance with the new signage obligations, all household packaging sold into France should carry the Triman Logo (which became mandatory in France on all packaging associated with a sorting or bring recycling rule, regardless of recyclability) together with Sorting Instructions. MHI products covered by the rules include RAC, PAC and Hydrolution models at least. The legislation aims to provide consistent information across all packaging and to make it even easier for consumers (and installers where applicable) to understand how they should be sorting their packaging in line with packaging waste take-back and recycling schemes.

MHIAE fully supports rules to improve packaging waste management and ensures that more of our planet’s finite resources are recirculated into the economy. The Sorting Rules Obligations for Packaging as specified by article 17 of the French AGEC Law no. 2020-105 (the Anti-Waste Law for a Circular Economy) and its implementing Decree no. 2021-835, came into force on 01 January 2022, with a transitional period running until 15 December 2022 for production and import of new packaging, and until 15 June 2023 for existing stocks of packaging manufactured or imported before 15 December 2022.

The Sorting Info Label encourages French consumers to dispose of all their packaging waste in a sorting bin. Although most packaging can be recycled, the sorting rules state that the sorting bin should be used to discard all types of packaging, regardless of recyclability. Sorting Instructions on packaging can be displayed in text, symbols or both. Exemptions to including both the Triman logo and Sorting Instructions apply to packaging whose largest side has a surface area of less than 10 cm². In this case neither the logo nor the instructions are required on-pack, but these must be provided in electronic format. Packaging whose largest side has a surface area of between 10 cm² and 20 cm² requires only the Triman logo to be displayed on-pack. Sorting information must then be included in electronic format.

With an ever-increasing amount of packaging waste resulting in a serious environmental impact, the EU legislation on packaging and packaging waste cover both packaging design and packaging management. The French transposition of EU rules into National Law increasingly involve the consumers who are directly encouraged to consume more responsibly and give their contribution by sorting the waste. Sorting information and labels on the packaging, provided by organisations like MHI, are giving the consumers and the installers clear and harmonised information for them to contribute to the environment protection.

For more information, please visit https://mhiae.com

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