25April 2024

MHIAE reduces CO2 emissions by 70% with new KXZ3 VRF Series

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioning Europe (MHIAE), part of the MHI Group, has released its latest climate and energy solution, the KXZ3 2 pipe VRF system. Developed around six new design concepts: global environment, design flexibility, energy efficiency, wellness and comfort, toughness, and serviceability; the KXZ3 series has been created to deliver improved efficiency, wider design flexibility and reduced environmental impact, making it the perfect climate solution for heating, and cooling in commercial and industrial applications.

Design flexibility
The new KXZ3 series boasts a sleek and compact design, setting a new standard in the industry. Unlike its predecessors, this series features a single fan strategically positioned in the upper part of the unit, enhancing its overall efficiency, and reducing its footprint by -28% (single outdoor unit). Using a modular approach, the KXZ3 series is extremely flexible and covers a wide range of capacities. The single unit range is made of 3 different sizes up to 33.5 kW (12 HP), including the newly added 22.4 kW (8 HP) for smaller applications. These 3 single units can be combined in twin or triple combinations to cover an even wider range of capacities from 44.8 kW (16HP) to 100.5 kW (36HP).

Developed to meet the requirements of the broadest range of commercial projects the KXZ3 series offers maximum design flexibility with the ability to power up to 80 indoor units, including ducted, wall mounted and cassette models all of which can be connected to a maximum total pipe length of 1,000 m. And for maximum peace of mind, the KXZ3 series is also available with a range of optional extra safety measures including shut off valves, remote controller with alarm function, and a leak detector device, which can be installed in specific rooms to meet the standards of IEC60335-2-40.

Global impact and Improved energy efficiency
With the global economy slowing and energy prices rising, heating and cooling solutions that provide comfort for users while reducing their carbon footprint are essential; and the new KXZ3 series is the ideal solution. Powered by R32, a low-GWP refrigerant, the KXZ3 series reduces CO2 emissions by 70%* and therefore reduces its global environmental impact. Recognising the importance of system efficiency to users around the world, the KXZ3 series uses an advanced scroll compressor design, an improved air management solution and an optimised heat exchanger with denser copper tubes, resulting in significant improvements in seasonal energy efficiency ratings, a key indicator for air conditioners.

In comparison to previous models, the KXZ3 units achieve higher SEER and SCOP ratings, ensuring greater energy savings and environmental sustainability. For maximum energy efficiency all models in the KXZ3 series feature the new Variable Temperature and Capacity Control VTCC+, which automatically adjusts refrigerant pressure depending on the requirement load of the indoor rooms to deliver accurate temperature control and impressive energy savings to meet the most stringent energy-saving requirements. Designed to meet the stringent energy-saving standards for new buildings, the KXZ3 series is also ideal for retrofit applications.
* When compared to KX2 and calculated in the following system – Outdoor unit: 12HP, Indoor unit: 8 units, Total piping length: 150m)

The new KXZ3 series is designed to allow easy access to the control box and main refrigeration components, both of which are accessible from the front, facilitating maintenance and servicing. It has never been easier to analyse the data provided by the remote controller and monitoring devices, which can now output the air volume flow rate of the outdoor unit fan or even record the running hours of the fan motor.

Wellness and comfort
In addition to its remarkable energy efficiency, the KXZ3 series prioritises user comfort and wellness. Equipped with two defrost modes and cutting-edge continuous heating functions, KXZ3 series delivers exceptional performance to maintain optimal indoor conditions. Furthermore, the units feature improved operational capabilities, the units switch between settings automatically as the environment changes to keep the room at the set temperature.

For more information on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioning Europe’s cooling and heating solutions, please visit: https://mhiae.com/

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