20February 2024

MHIAE launches new Monobloc A2W Heat Pump range

As part of its commitment to developing environmentally friendly technologies and products, and in response to Europe’s growing demand for low-carbon climate solutions, MHIAE has introduced the Hydrolution EZY range of A2W heat pumps. Designed to deliver heating, cooling, and hot water for residential properties, the Hydrolution EZY is available in two models,10kW and 14kW, providing a low-carbon, easy-to-install alternative to conventional fossil fuel boilers.

The Hydrolution EZY series integrates cutting-edge technologies along with R32 refrigerant to significantly boost efficiency and reduce carbon emissions when compared to boilers. To simplify installation the new series features an integrated water heat exchanger in the outdoor unit, eliminating the need for refrigerant piping.

MHIAE’s Hydrolution EZY features improved anti-vibration technology, which reduces sound power levels effectively, including noise to 60dB (A) in the 10kW class model, even when running at full capacity. The addition of a quiet mode further reduces operational noise and ensures compliance with various noise regulations, particularly important in densely populated residential areas.

Hydrolution EZY units also work effectively in a wide range of outside temperatures, from -25℃ to 43℃, and can deliver 60℃ hot water even when the outside temperature is -25℃, making them a great replacement for combustion-type boilers in cold regions and reducing carbon emissions significantly.

The Uplink platform, a dedicated app designed for real-time performance monitoring, is seamlessly integrated with the Hydrolution EZY. This intuitive application not only facilitates the identification of maintenance needs but also ensures optimal efficiency, providing a comprehensive solution for seamless control and oversight.

In October 2021, MHI Group, announced “MISSION NET ZERO” – a declaration of the company’s aims to cut its groupwide CO2 emissions to net zero by 2040. This effort mainly focuses on reducing CO2 emissions from production activities at the group’s own facilities and reducing CO2 emissions at customer sites using MHI Group products. The new Hydrolution EZY series represents a significant step towards achieving carbon neutrality across Europe, aligning with MISSION NET ZERO.

MHIAE is committed to building on the advanced technology and vast experience of its parent company to deliver innovative, integrated solutions that will help realise a carbon neutral world, improve the quality of life, and ensure a safer world. https://mhiae.com/

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