MHIAE Brand Story

MHIAE Brand Story

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioning Europe gets a brand new makeover

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioning Europe (MHIAE) is committed to helping people live better wherever they’re based. Whether that’s finding more energy efficient heating solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or providing a reliable air-conditioned infrastructure in tough environments, we strive to offer a solution to an important aspect of life, temperature.

This breadth of expertise has meant we have built trusted, long-term partnerships with customers. Partnerships that are boosted by the support of the wider MHI Group, which has a legacy of creating innovative technology that has shaped the world we live in for over 100 years.

It’s a unique and impressive story that deserves shouting about, so, we decided it was time to showcase our strengths as forward-thinking pioneers, inspiring both the people who work with us and those who use our products.

The MHIAE and MHI Values

To build on what we’ve achieved so far, we had to first work out what we wanted to say. We surveyed employees and distributors by asking them what they felt our key strengths and values were in a branding workshop.

The outcome? We had plenty of positives to choose from: ‘customer centric’, ‘responsive’, ‘reliable’, ‘excellent service’, ‘innovative’, ‘easy to work with’, ‘long-standing experts’, ‘precision craftspeople’, ‘high quality products’ to name but a few. These are important and impressive attributes, but by themselves these business benefits do not differentiate us enough from the rest of the market. We needed to look at core company values. We therefore needed to look deeper.

In asking people to describe the wider MHI’s brand personality, we got the insight that we needed. We were considered ‘trusted people from a reliable company, who get things right’, creating ’technologies from the future, that help people live in a better world.’ These were the emotional values that connected with people to our business and explained the benefits the wider MHI Group brings to the brand.


“Temperature Control for Today & Tomorrow”

Using this feedback, we created a new MHIAE brand identity which brings these values to life. Visually we introduced the ‘little planet/ ecosystem’ representing ‘your world’ or ‘your life’. Here, a temperature control icon lies at its centre to depict how our various product solutions lie at the very heart of life… offering Temperature Control for Today & Tomorrow.

Together, this new identity promotes MHIAE as a major player in global air conditioning solutions: true pioneers with a strong heritage, reliable operations and an innovative approach. These attributes will be evident in all our marketing collateral.

It’s an exciting and ground-breaking move for all of us in the company, and we’re looking forward to seeing what it develops for our business in 2019 and beyond.

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