16November 2020

MHIAE continue smart software project

Earlier this year, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioning Europe, Ltd, finished  its first phase of a product digitalisation project using building information modelling (BIM) technology.

BIM technology is shifting the nature or work for in architecture, engineering, and construction. The software digitally constructs a version of a building into a virtual construction environment creating a simulated replica known as the building information model.

Led by technical team members: Tetsuji Fujino, Technical Division General Manager,  Media Khalel, Assistant Manager and Julien Aliphat, Technical Sales Engineer at MHIAE. The team partnered with information and technology company MEPcontent to create BIM files for its residential, commercial and industrial product lines.

BIM is a collation and exchange of shared 3D models and intelligent structured data attached to them to provide a single-source file for enhanced decision making. By using BIM technology in Revit Format, MHIAE aims to support efficiency and effectiveness in the collaboration process between its HVAC consultants, contractors and suppliers, as well as building owners.

Julien Aliphat says, “The rise of digitalisation and smart technology in the industry has increased the need for advanced information systems and cutting edge technology for MHIAE. BIM is a perfect example of a new technology powering digital transformation in the air conditioning industry, and one that encourages MHIAE to enhance its competitive offering to its global network.”

While MHIAE attempts to stay ahead of technological trends, there is an important concern that it must comply with – the law. Rising government regulations across Europe are increasing the necessity for construction projects to have fully collaborative 3D BIM files.

Media Khalel comments, “Europe is leading the path in BIM implementation. Foreseeing future legal ramifications is an important aspect when building a digitally transformative business. By ensuring all of our products are BIM ready we are guaranteeing that our distributors have the resources they need should they legally need them”.

All BIM files are available on the MHIAE website at https://mhiae.com/bim

Example presentation of BIM software:

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