Green solutions

Solutions to reduce your environmental impact.

As an air conditioning manufacturer we recognise the increasing importance to our customers of reducing carbon emissions. For many it is becoming a priority when choosing air and water distribution systems and MHI are constantly developing new technologies to help you meet your heating and cooling requirements as well as environmental objectives.

MHI was the first air conditioning manufacturer to use the low emission R410a refrigerant and its Zero Ozone Depletion Potential in our units. We are also the first manufacturer to invest in and develop the new CO2 heat pump refrigerant technology.

MHI is committed to reducing carbon emissions within all product ranges. All of our units meet the current European Commission (ErPs) Ecodesign Directive regulations, and already meet upcoming regulations for the next two years.

With the future ban on R22 refrigerant (now classified as a greenhouse gas) we can offer solutions to upgrade outdated RAC and VRF systems to the new R410a refrigerant, which has Zero Ozone Depleting potential. Our VRF replacement technologies and Split replacement technologies can be used to replace any systems which still use R22 refrigerant, so that your system can be brought in line with the legislation.

Our PAC Hyper Inverter Units use highly efficient technology to save on energy consumption and costs, while our Q-ton heat pump features an industry leading CoP (Coefficient of Performance) of 4.3, providing high efficiency and low carbon emissions as well as reduced operating costs. The VRF KX range offers great potential energy savings when heating and cooling are required simultaneously in different rooms or zones.

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