23April 2023

MHIAE offers a ‘go green’ solution with R32 Micro KXZ VRF series

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioning Europe (MHIAE), part of the MHI Group, is encouraging installers and specifiers to choose sustainable two pipe VRF air conditioners with its Micro KXZ series, to help contribute towards a greener and more energy-efficient future.

Due to the current global energy crisis, affordable and effective air conditioning solutions are in extremely high demand, and now more than ever, businesses are looking for energy-efficient cooling and heating products to reduce operating costs while still providing comfort.

The R32 Micro KXZ series is ideal for commercial applications that require powerful heating and cooling systems at an affordable cost. It includes Variable Temperature and Capacity Control (VTCC), a unique energy-saving technology designed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems that significantly reduces carbon emissions and operating costs.

In partial load conditions, VTCC technology regulates the target low/high pressure according to temperature difference. It reduces the frequency of Thermo On/Off, which leads to energy saving. These effortless changes provide optimal indoor unit usage to maximise energy efficiency, in both cooling and heating modes throughout all seasons.

With single-phase/three-phase units ranging from 12.1kW to 15.5kW (4-6HP), this series features R32 refrigerant, which circulates only the amount of refrigerant required for a single heating or cooling period, resulting in low running costs while offering outstanding performance.

Designed with sustainability in mind, the Micro R32 KXZ range offers an operation mode rule function which sets a priority indoor unit to decide the outdoor unit operation mode. This enables the user to decide, and select, the setting required of the system inside the building, depending on the season and indoor requirements.

Energy saving peak cut operation allows the user to control start and end times (up to a maximum of 4 peak cut periods e.g., for holiday or periods of low demand) by using the indoor unit remote controller to reduce power consumption by restricting the maximum compressor speed. Selectable range 0% to 40-80% (20 interval). A Motion Sensor Control is another energy saving feature available on indoor units. The sensor will determine the presence of people and the amount of activity to Power control and Auto OFF energy saving.

The unit also features an automatic pump down safety function which is triggered by any gas leak inside the room through a sensor. This provides easy maintenance and can be accessed from all sides for electrical connections, always ensuring safe and accessible operation.

Offering the highest level of design flexibility, improved efficiency, and enhanced operational functions, the Micro KXZ series includes inverter compressors on all units, regulating the compressor motor speed to modulate cooling and heating capacity. With energy efficiency SEER (9.67) / SCOP (4.67) (4HP), installers, consultants, and their customers, can have peace of mind that these units are among the most energy-efficient air conditioners on the market.

The R32 Micro KXZ series features 4 sound levels in silent mode, providing silent operation without noise disruption to the outside area. Also available is an RC-EX3A advanced setting remote control for simple and convenient use.

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