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The AART range offers our highest cooling capacity water-to-water centrifugal chillers, designed for use in district cooling plants, large factories and data centers.

  • Water-cooled centrifugal chillers running on R134a
  • Capacity range of 809 – 17,581kW (230 – 5,000RT)
  • Bespoke systems tailored to your requirements
  • Available with or without an inverter
  • Our instinctive control panel allows for easy operation

Our advanced technology is used to achieve the lowest possible energy consumption and helps to minimise the AART system’s environmental impact.

The AART range

With a capacity range of 809 – 17,581kW (230 – 5,000RT), this water-cooled centrifugal chiller is ideal for industrial processes. The AART chillers are available with or without an inverter dependent on your needs; the AART-I chiller incorporates an inverter, whilst the AART chiller operates without. Both are tailored as bespoke systems to adapt to your requirements, and are compatible with heat recovery systems and ice thermal storage systems.

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