06February 2019

Celebrating MHI’s Rich History

Over a century of business evolution

Over the years, MHI has consistently evolved to meet the needs of a changing world, pioneering technologies from shipbuilding, to Japan’s first mass produced cars, aircraft and HVAC systems.

Back to our roots

Mitsubishi’s roots date back to 1870, with the founding of the Tsukomo Trading Company. By 1874, the business had already expanded into full-scale marine transportation, becoming the Mitsubishi Steamship Company.

With the expansion of the railway and shipping industries, as well as the abolition of the feudal system, the company was able to broaden its reach to include banking, mining and troop transport, operating under the name, Mitsubishi Company.

New opportunities

By 1911, the Mitsubishi Company had become a household name. In 1934, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd was formed through a merger between Mitsubishi’s shipbuilding and aircraft companies. The company shifted its manufacturing focus to tractors, various types of engines, bicycles, and the popular “Silver Pigeon” scooter.

It wasn’t until 1953 that MHI first dipped its toes into the HVAC world, when Iwatsuka Shop developed the 5-horsepower water-cooling type DP5, Japan’s first all-in-one air conditioning system.
The massive units were made more compact in the following years with the first window unit being fitted in 1956, a significant advancement in residential comfort.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ domestic success eventually spilled over to the rest of the world and operations were established in Southeast Asia, Europe, and the United States.
With the geographic expansion came new business opportunities, and MHI soon entered fields such as gas and oil, space, supersonic aircraft, and environmental solutions.

MHI “Silver Pigeon Scooter”

Future facing

In recent years, MHI’s work in all industries has advanced at a rapid rate to meet the challenges of the environmental and energy issues facing our world.  As a business, we are always looking forwards – meeting challenges head on with a commitment to innovation and engineering success. With an increasing amount of projects in advanced aerospace and technology, we are looking forward to another century of business and engineering. Follow our journey here on the MHIAE blog!

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